Making money is a happiness. ...

With over 25 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions.


Poverty is the absence of all human rights...

With over 25 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions.


About Company

A few words about us

We are collaborative,authentic and forward thinking.

Akshaya Micro Finance was started in 2017. Akshaya Micro Finance providing microfinance services to people from poor segments of urban and rural Tamil Nadu. We are offering collateral free loans since our target audiences are low-income profile people. We are deploying both Self Help Group (SHG) and Joint Liability Group (JLG) lending for disbursing the micro credit.

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Women Empowerment

Women from financially weaker section are generally denied credit from mainstream banking services, thus hindering their financial growth, we support and empower them.


Help the lower income and middle income group of the society spread across Rural, Semi Urban & Urban areas, realize their dream to start their own business by providing loans.


Akshaya Micro Finance Promote Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to scale up their business by providing suitable loans thereby being catalyst in generating jobs to the society.


Efficient multichannel distribution of banking services and products to the urban and rural peoples with updated softwares and security measures.


Easy product configuration and launch, powerful customer analytics by using the data we provide innovative products to the customers.

Financial Assistance

We provide self-employed men & women to support their business enterprises, to Increase in working capital, Purchase of fixed assets, Expansion & Improvement in business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help. We strongly believe we can achieve this, by providing financial and non-financial services to the poor and thereby recognizing them as a bankable segment. Prompt access to resources and rejuvenating Economic Self Reliance of the socially and economically marginalized and the vulnerable sections of the society.

Our Mission

Facilitating sustainable development of the underprivileged people by promoting access to economic resources to meet their existing and emerging needs as strategic means of implementation.

Our Objective

The main object of the company is to carry on the service of providing financial support to the poor people enabling them to venture into micro enterprise activities to improve their standard of living.